Knock Down Rebuild Options

If you love your neighbourhood & are happy with the area, but think your home needs an update, why not stay there, knock down rebuild & increase the value of your property by choosing one of our Contemporary,architecturally designed homes, have the freedom to design and change any interior and/or exterior walls to your liking, All exterior facade materials can be customised to your own unique design so you are truly happy with the home you rebuild. The knock down and rebuilding process takes the head .ache of looking for a new place to live and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing markets in Victoria. Make the smart move and renew, with Rennew Homes.

Why knock down and rebuild?

This option is sometimes the best solution for a house that just doesn’t suit your taste or lifestyle any longer. Don’t risk costly renovations and extensions. Land shortages in your inner area could mean greater increases in your property value.


If you need a hand with obtaining a construction loan, one of our financial brokers could be the next call you make. With the ability to help you achieve your goals, our financial consultant will find the best loan to suit your situation.

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